Introducing the Modern Maps Popup Sixes League

   lcrtv   - 3/18/2019
I'm happy to announce, on behalf of RGL the Modern Map League. The new initiative dedicated to finding the next great competitive map and finally ousting Badlands from the map pool!

Together, competitive map developers and players have created what we believe to be a field of maps that are perfect for the modern meta of TF2 and could serve as the foundation for a new golden age of TF2 maps! The league will serve as a platform for the general player base to test and criticize these maps in order to help gain an opportunity to see them in league play. Not only that, but this league gives the chance for every TF2 player to see how GOOD these maps are, and how every map developer behind every map is wholly dedicated to making the competitive scene better by constantly creating and updating new maps and iterating over their existing ones.

Our goal is to create a conversation about these maps that have been thoroughly playtested prior to this league. We hope to have them be considered for the upcoming spring/summer leagues.

Quick League Details

North America

Registration Ends
April 1st

League Starts
April 4th

Season Length
One Month

Match Frequency
2 Match nights a week

Default Match Day
Tuesdays**/Thursday 9:30pm Eastern

No Entry Fee

Standard Sixes

**Tuesdays only start AFTER the No Restriction Sixes regular season ends, so this should not conflict.

Map Pool

These maps were selected out of 11 maps from map-testing and development by top players and other developers involved with the map-testing process. We wanted to include atleast 1 KotH map so we added the one with the most votes.

Competitive map play testers were asked to vote for their 4 maps they thought were league viable

cp_domain_b4 (by Quantum)
cp_workflow_b7 (by Brandini Panini)
cp_craneway_b15 (by Bereth)
cp_kalinka_rc5 (by Jusa)
cp_mist_rc1a (by hutty)
koth_avalanche_rc13 (by GuttyKreum)


Teams will play six matches over the course of the season, with each match being a best-of-2 played across two predetermined maps.

League Structure

- Six Match Nights
- Best of 2 Maps
- Set Map Rotation
- Each match plays 1 half of 2 maps
- Teams will play each map twice throughout the season
- Standard Sixes - 2, 2, 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

For all 5CP maps, we will be using a 30 minute time limit and 5 round win limit, while all KOTH maps will instead use a 3 round win limit. With regards to class limits, all teams may have a maximum of 2 Scouts, 2 Soldiers, and 1 of every other class at any point in time. Finally, we will be using the ESEA Whitelist.


1st Match: Th. April 4th (domain, craneway)
2nd Match: Th, April 11th (kalinka, mist)
3rd Match: Tues, April 23rd (workflow, avalanche)
4th Match: Th, April 25th (domain, craneway)
5th Match: Tues, April 30th (kalinka, mist)
6th Match: Th, May 2nd (workflow, avalanche)


If you have any questions, you may reach us at:

Lucrative: Steam | lucrative#9314 on discord
Row: Twitter | Steam

Registration is OPEN!